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American expats are in an almost unique position, in that they are responsible for filing their taxes with the IRS regardless of whether their residency is the US or overseas.


Furthermore, many financial institutions are fearful of taking on American clients as these customers can generate onerous reporting obligations under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). For this reason, many Americans struggle to find good quality financial services and investment options whilst living abroad.


With this specific challenge in mind we have worked with a number of the World’s most well recognised and highly regarded investment providers to provide both Trading Platforms and Investment Solutions, specifically to meet the needs of Americans away from home.


What does that mean?


  1. A huge universe of US compliant investments, including stocks, mutual funds and ETFs - i.e. no Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) and the punitive taxes associated with them.

  2. Full 1099 reporting. No longer will you or your Tax Advisors need to spend hours producing the requisite information for your annual filing. 1099 reporting takes care of all of it at the click of a button.

  3. Full Discretionary Management including some of the World’s best Discretionary Managers, offering risk rated solutions in multiple currencies. Model portfolios, bespoke Discretionary Management, all are available via our solution.


If this sounds like it would be of interest to you please feel free to make an enquiry via the contact form below or book in for an initial, no obligation, appointment to discuss the ways we can support you and your family in your financial journey.

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LINC Private Solutions are an Expat and High Net Worth focussed division of Synergy Financial Advisors, Singapore’s 4th Largest Wealth Management business (MAS License No. FA100050) and Synergy IFA, Malaysia.


LINC’s advisers are highly experienced Financial Professionals who have been advising Expats in Singapore and SE Asia for over 20-years. An initial consultation encompasses the following key steps:


  • Financial Planning - We complete a number of exercises to quantify key client goals and outline savings and investment trajectory required to achieve them, using Cash Flow Modelling tools to create a clear visual illustration of the road to achieving the financial future you desire.

  • Tax Mitigation - How can we best structure your investments to reduce exposure to taxation in your current and future locations e.g. expats returning to more highly taxed locations.

  • Portfolio Design - Using a combination of our Investment Research Team's expertise and external partners to grow your money in a carefully curated, risk rated environment.

  • Planning for the unknown - What contingencies and insurances need to be put in place to ensure we hope for the best but plan for the worst?

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What other services do you provide?


We are LINC provide a broad range of Financial Services including but not limited to:


  • Investment Selection and Portfolio Management using ETFs, Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds

  • Discretionary Fund Management - using some of the World’s best regarded asset management firms to manage portfolios of direct stocks, bonds and funds on a Discretionary basis

  • US Tax Planning

  • US Compliant Portfolio Design including full IRS / 1099 Reporting

  • Financial Planning on Portfolio Management Services to clients from Europe, Asia and around the World

  • UK Pension Advice

  • UK Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

  • UK ISA Advice

  • UK Tax Planning - often relevant for those with an existing British Financial Footprint or those who may move to the UK at any stage in the future - e.g. relocation, retirement

  • Australian Tax Planning - we can often build tax credit in anticipation of a future move to Australia meaning there is often value in talking to us up to 10-years before you move;

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